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Mountain Lake

Teletherapy Sessions

We are considered “out-of-network” from insurance plans. We will provide you with a detailed super bill upon request. This DOES NOT guarantee reimbursement from your insurance. To find out of if you have out of network benefits, call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask “what are my out of network benefits and how do I submit claims?” Insurance may reimburse a portion of the rate you pay. If you choose to use out of network benefits, you will need to be assigned a mental health diagnosis so that your insurance company can process the claims. Please be aware that you are still 100% responsible for payment at time of service.
We maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy which is the norm for most busy practices. This policy is a courtesy to everyone in the practice, so those who want to be seen during the week can get in. It also helps our therapists maintain a high intensity of focus on the clients they are seeing that day/week. Full fee is charged if you do not show up for your session.
Emergencies and your own sickness are exempt from this policy.
A Good Faith Estimate and diagnosis can be discussed with your therapist at any time during treatment. This estimate provides a description of services, diagnosis codes, service codes, expected charges associated with your therapy. Your therapist’s name, NPI, and tax ID will also be provided.
Please do not let finances be a barrier to your support and growth! If you would like to work with The Refuge but cannot make the above rates work, please reach out.



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